""Twitcher" - our most remarkable product..."

Wire Straining, or building a fence or Trellis has never been so SIMPLE…..takes only seconds and does not need muscle power!

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About Us

We are an Australian family business boasting 40 years of operation. We pride ourselves on our principles and conduct ourselves with the customer in mind with every aspect of our business.

Our company objective is simple; To introduce as many people to our innovative products as possible.

The products can then sell themselves. Our gratification comes from the customer’s feedback as to their varied use of the products. Our aim as a friendly family Australian owned company is to use Australian materials to make various products for the horticultural industry.

Recent Work

Kriesl & Co Pty Ltd have recently been manufacturing the simple and effective Wire Joiner. Easy to apply, the Wire Joiner is one piece aluminum, has no working components and is available in two sizes and totally re-usable. So simple to use the only tool required is a pair of pliers

Simple as A,B,C to install…

A. Push two wires from either direction up centre hole

B. Bend both ends down and back – in line with outer hole

C. Direct each wire end into outer hole – now ready to strain with the “Twitcher™”

Joiners available in two sizes to suit 2-3.5mm and 4-5mm wire